Sexual Assault

Sexual assault against women comes in many forms. The consequences are different for everyone impacted. We know the repercussions of sexual assault.

Our Services

If you have experienced sexual assault, we can provide you with counselling and support confidentially, professionally, and free of charge. How long ago the assault was and whether it was reported does not matter. We are responsible for cases of domestic violence as part of the Violence Protection Act in three districts in the canton of Zurich. We also counsel family members and professionals.

We provide

  • psychological counselling
  • support during crises
  • legal counselling
  • support in criminal proceedings
  • information about rights and benefits you are entitled to in accordance with the Victims Assistance Act
  • referrals for other professionals (female lawyers, female therapists etc.)

Counselling sessions can be arranged by telephone and take place at our counselling centre. Frauenberatung sexuelle Gewalt is a recognised victim support counselling service of the canton of Zurich.